Shadow Fight 3 Hack

Shadow Fight 3 Hack – Gems and Coins Cheats 2018

Nekki is a Russian game development company that has developed the popular Shadow Fight game series. Shadow Fight 3 is the third series and in this game, the gaming characters have the ability to switch between their normal and shadow forms. When the character is in the shadow form, it will be able to use shadow abilities, which makes the game extremely interesting and sometimes difficult, but our Shadow Fight 3 Hack is ready to help!.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack

The colorful graphics and smooth animations of the game are enormously attractive. Realistic physics and special effects of the game will take you to the real world of gaming. The sounds can be turned on or off at a single click by tapping on the top left corner of the screen. The challenging gamplay and easy controls make Shadow Fight 3 worth playing!

You begin the game by creating and customizing your gaming character. You can select a name, gender, hair color, hair style, face type, etc. Under each category, you will be offered up to eight options and you can select any one as per your preference to create a unique gaming avatar.

Moreover, you even need to select any one playable faction among these three – Dynasty, Legion, or Heralds. Each playable faction has unique fighting skills, powers, and equipment. All three of them are extremely powerful and busy plotting against each other. Now it’s your turn to decide which faction to choose:

  • Legion: The objective of this faction is that they want to eradicate Shadow Energy from the world and stop it from occurring again.
  • Dynasty: The Dynasty group has thousands of combat arts schools. The warriors that you meet here will be elegant and quick.
  • Heralds: The soldiers that you find here are mystifying as well as extremely intelligent. Eradicating them from the game is tough.

Once you have selected any one of the aforesaid faction, you will begin the game by watching the tutorial. Ensure that you watch it carefully as there are several important aspects mentioned that will be helpful in playing the game. Then, you can begin playing the engrossing and addictive Shadow Fight 3 game. However, before you start with your first duel, read this article till the end so that you gain knowledge about various aspects of the game.


The primary currency of the game is Coins that is used for enhancing the strength and power of your gaming characters. Coins are also used for buying Booster packs. You can acquire Coins by selling off the equipment that you do not require in the game. An easy way to acquire Coins is by completing various quests and missions in the game. However the most easiest way is to use Shadow Fight 3 Hack.




Gems are the special currency of the game that can be bought by spending real money or using Shadow Fight 3 Cheats. This currency is used for upgrading your gaming character and unlocking weapons. You can even purchase special resources and weapons in the game by spending Gems. All these special items are not available for purchase by Coins, that’s why we suggest using our Shadow Fight 3 Hack.

Shadow Attacks:

The Shadow Attack feature can change your game completely. Use them carefully, as both fighters can see how close they are to using their Shadow Attack feature. Remember that the Shadow Attack cool downs begin as soon as you use them, irrespective of whether you actually activated it or not. It is always recommended to use this feature when your opponent will least expect it.

Counter Attack:

Defending yourself is as important as attacking your opponents. To defend yourself, you can block the opponent by standing still. If you want to learn more about blocking, then watch the gaming tutorial properly. Blocking is a vital aspect of the game and you should learn it well.

When an enemy attacks, you need to block, and then counter attack as soon as you have an opening. At the time of counter attack, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of the weapon that you are using and attack at the right time. So, making use of the right weapon, attacking speed, and timing is important to achieve success in the battlefield.

Unlock Chests:

Upgrading the existing equipment and buying new ones is vital for leveling up. The easiest way to acquire new equipment is by unlocking chests. You can earn Chests by winning duels. Each duel that you win, you will earn a Regular Chest. However, if you win the duel with good ranks, then you will be able to earn a Silver Chest. The Silver Chest is filled with better freebies in comparison to the Regular Chest. Another way to acquire chests is by completing story missions. In these missions, when you complete a harder mission, the chest that you acquire is better. If you are too lazy to collect chests then simply use Shadow Fight 3 Hack 2018 to get anything you want!

Keep Practicing:

There are innumerable weapons accessible in the game and all of them are unique. If you have always dreamt of having a huge collection of rare arms and ammunitions, then you must consider playing the Shadow Fight 3 game. You need to research well on each weapon so that you can use them appropriately and acquire its full potential. To get specific results, you need to use them in a precise manner and this can be achieved only when you practice your moves properly. Once you are aware of all the moves and its outcome, you will be ready for any battle.

Side Quests:

Whenever you are tired of fighting with your opponent, indulge yourself in completing the side quests. There are several missions available in side quests. All these missions are comparatively shorter, but when you complete them successfully, you can earn plenty of rewards. Some of the rewards that you can acquire are in-game currencies and experience points. So, earn these rewards and use them for reaching advanced levels of the game. You can also combine Shadow Fight 3 Cheats 2018 for getting more rewards.

Gaming Controls:

Controlling the game is easy and a new gamer can too learn it within few hours. If you want to punch your enemy then move towards the opponent and when you are close enough, press the punch button at the right time. To kick the opponent, you need to make use of the kick icon. However, use this attacking method only when the enemy has a stable defensive system on the upper part of the body. You can even try to grab the waist of the enemy and attempt to drop him to the floor.

In short, there are several ways to fight with the enemies. You should know when to attack and which move to use at what time. If you attack at the wrong time, you will end up getting hit. Moreover, deciding when to attack and when to defense is also a very important aspect in the game. Make sure that you are wearing the right gear and taking the apt weapon to fight. Overall, you need to practice your moves well so that you can fight confidently and win the battle.


Tips And Tricks To Make Shadow Fight 3 Game Easier:

  • Keep track of the health bars that are on the top side of the screen because if your health meters are reducing quickly, then you need to change your fighting technique.
  • By activating the shadow ability and hitting the opponent on the head, will enhance the chances of winning the battle. Moreover, it will also increase the rewards that you receive in form of Coins.
  • The game store has several packs of items for sale. Each pack contains unique items and boosters so check them properly and then buy the best one.
  • Do not hesitate to try and use Shadow Fight 3 Hack, it will be easier and more fun!

So, are you ready to show your unique fighting style to the entire world? Don’t forget to experiment and show some fresh new moves to your opponents in Shadow Fight 3 game. The game has acquired 4.5 stars out of 5 on the rating chart. So, start playing the fast-paced and challenging game also try the Shadow Fight 3 Hack right away!


Shadow Fight 3 Hack