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Some Vital Questions And Answers Related To Shadow Fight 3

How To Acquire And Upgrade Equipment In The Game?

In the beginning of the game, the tasks allotted in the levels will be very easy and you can win all of them swiftly. When you complete a level, you will get a card pack as a reward. The card pack is a great way to upgrade equipment and collect resources for your gaming character.

Sometimes you may even get a brand new item in the card pack, which has higher rarity than the ones that you already have acquired in the game. You may use the item for upgrading your equipments. However, if you acquire same cards repeatedly then you can keep stacking them and use in the future.

As you stack more ability cards and items in the game, you will also be able to collect Shadow Energy. You should make use of the Shadow Energy only when it is economical to perform an upgrade; like, 40 Shadow Energy per upgrade; otherwise just be patient!

There are several equipments accessible in the game, which will be required for attacking and defending from enemies. It is vital to upgrade the equipment so that you can improve your skills and win the battles. The main equipment that will be accessible to all players in the game is weapon, helmet, and armor. As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to unlock various other equipments.

What Are Factions And What Are Their Skills?

You will come across three factions in Shadow Fight 3 game. Each of them has unique skills, powers, style of fighting, equipment, etc. Here is the detailed explanation on all three factions:


They are militarist faction and their motive is to eliminate Shadow Energy from the world and prevent it from recurring. They are very strict with their principles as they do not provide explanations to anyone for their actions, give no apologies, accept no weaknesses, and are happy to sacrifice in every way to save mankind. This is the reason why other factions provide little favor to the Legions.


The warriors of Dynasty faction are elegant and swift. They prefer using lightweight weapons. There are hundreds of combat arts schools in their city, so they hold numerous combat arts tournaments. They enjoy leading a happy and swift lifestyle. The warriors are so charismatic that they can easily gather crowds of faithful admirers.


The warriors of Heralds faction have vague motives, so the fighters of other factions do not have much faith on them. They often compare the Heralds as a volcano that can erupt any time. The warriors are exceedingly familiar with Shadow based technologies and Shadow Energy. The warriors of other two factions usually avoid coming in contact with the Heralds. They just turn a blind eye to them. Heralds rarely fight with others but when they do for self-defense, their movements are so precise and quick that the most powerful warrior can also be destroyed within seconds. So, people do not prefer coming in contact with them.

Why Should You Do Side Quests In The Game?  

Side Quests are an integral part of the game. It is not essential to play and complete them; however, if you do them then you will be able to earn some additional in-game currencies. You can earn both Coins and Gems by completing side quests successfully.

Most of the gamers feel that it is easy to complete them; however, that is a wrong notion! You will come across various complicated challenges so you should not take them lightly. Some of the challenges faced by players in side quests are forcing them to play as another character and by using their weapon. Or, you may have to fight with the opponent without using any weapons. Some challenges will make you lose a life as soon as the opponent lands a blow on you because you will get hit with poison.

In short, the side quests are certainly not easy to complete. However, gamers who prefer playing tricky levels in the game enjoy playing them. Due to their level of difficulty, these quests provide several in-game currencies as rewards to the players who successfully complete them.

What Is Shadow Energy And How To Use It?

A unique feature of the game is that you can see your opponent in shadow form as well as in life. To deal with such opponents, you need to hit harder so that you achieve success. For making this task simpler for you, the developers have created Shadow Energy. If you are still not aware of it, then it is the blue colored icon that is next to the punch icon. You need to hit that icon for activating your Shadow Energy.

Shadow Energy basically is turning your gaming character into a shadow form for few seconds. During this session, you will be able to unleash your special abilities and blow harder to the opponent. However, Shadow Energy cannot be activated anytime. As soon as you have filled up the sky blue bar, which is placed below the health bar, you can activate it. To fill the sky blue bar, you need to vary your moves in each level of the game.

Once the Shadow Energy is activated, you need to click the blue-lit arrows and the Shadow Energy icon at the same time to launch special moves. These moves will certainly impose more damage on the opponent. However, some important aspects that you should know before you begin to use Shadow Energy are mentioned below:

  • If you are in a shadow mode then it does not mean that you are invisible to the opponent.
  • Shadow Energy does not make you invincible. Your enemy can see you and cause damage too.
  • With this special ability, you can only cause high damage to the opponent because you can launch special skills and make your attacks more powerful.
  • Make use of the Shadow Energy only when you believe that you are at a safe distance from the opponent and have higher chances of succeeding.
  • In situations when you have been hit on the head, some skills will give you a chance to extend your time in the shadow mode. Make the most of the additional time and succeed in the game!

In short, Shadow Energy is an amazing and unique feature of the game that should be used carefully and efficiently so that it causes a lot of harm to the opponent. Now that you know some important aspects of the Shadow Fight 3 game, use them and have a wonderful gaming experience. Happy gaming and also don’t forget to try out our Shadow Fight 3 Hack !

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