Shadow Fight 3 Guide

Shadow Fight 3 Guide – Earn Coins and Gems

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the most popular role-playing games on Android and iOS platforms, and is also the latest in the Shadow Fight series. The game is very engaging and can be downloaded for free, but lot of in-game items can be purchased only with real money. If you are a fan of Shadow Fight 3 and want to know more about the game and its currency, then read this article till the end!

Below mentioned are some of the important resources that you will require in large quantities if you wish to excel in the game:


Coins are the main game currency, which can be used to purchase Card Packs that contain bundles of random items such as Gear, Weapons, Armors, Helmets, Power Ups, etc. The items that you will acquire, depends on your luck and also on the card pack that has been selected. These resources are extremely essential if you want to face stronger enemies in dual combat.


Gems are the secondary in-game currency, which can be used to purchase better card packs and can also be used to instantly unlock things. The Card Packs purchased with Gems are certainly a lot better than packs purchased with Coins. These card packs will give you superior and rare items, which can turn out to be a real game changer in combats.

Shadow Energy: 

They are one of the most important resources in the game as you can use them to upgrade your weapons, armor, helmets, etc. The only problem with Shadow Energy is that it cannot be purchased, but can only be earned by stacking cards.

Shadow Fight 3 Guide – How To Acquire The Currencies?

You can earn these currencies by playing the game, or you can also purchase them by spending real money. If you don’t want to grind in the game and simply purchase Coins and Gems, then make sure you check the offers page where you can grab the best deals available. You can consider purchasing bigger packs as they are more economical and cost effective. However, if you want to choose the hard way and earn them by yourself then below mentioned are the ways in which you can earn these currencies:

Earning coins is simple but time-consuming. There are many ways to earn Coins in the game. Playing missions are very rewarding as you get a good amount of Coins as rewards by completing them. The missions become progressively difficult and the rewards also increase with each mission. However, there are lots of opponents in the game, which cannot be defeated easily. In order to beat them, you need better weapons, powers, armor, etc.

The game also features side quests, which can be played in order to earn extra money, which in turn can be used for buying better card packs. Playing dual against other online players is also a good way to earn money. The amount of Coins earned in each dual highly depends on your dual ratings. If your dual rating is one then you will earn 90 Coins per win and if your ratings are 5 then you will earn 280 Coins.

Earning Gems is difficult; but, you can earn some amount of Gems by completing various missions. There are a few other ways, which you can follow in order to earn free Gems instantly. You can earn 5 Gems by subscribing to the YouTube channel and following the Twitter and Facebook page of the game; but, they are one-time earnings. Another way of earning Gems is by completing a set of tasks shared by TapJoy, which varies from downloading a certain app, playing an online quiz, and completing a survey.

The easiest way to acquire Coins and Gems is to use Shadow Fight 3 Cheats in that way you will save your time, money and nerves!

So, use these tips and earn loads of currencies in Shadow Fight 3.

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