Shadow Fight 3 Weapons and Armors

Shadow Fight 3 Armors and Weapons

All Information On Weapons And Armors Of Shadow Fight 3


You will come across innumerable types of weapons in the game. You should research well on each of them before picking one as they have various powers. Moreover, the weapons even have different attacking styles. It is recommended to pick various weapons that provide different advantages. For instance, the spears are slow to use but are perfect for long range attacks. Similarly, to use a dragger you need to come in close contact with the enemy.

Each weapon has a set combo, which usually comprises of two or three hits and then a pause of few seconds in the combat. You should know these attributes of each weapon properly. This will help you to gauge the right time to strike and help in winning the battle.  If you don’t have enough resources to buy weapons you can always use our Shadow Fight 3 Hack to get unlimited Gems and Coins.


Shadow FIght 3 Armors are extremely helpful in the battlefield as they provide protection to your gaming character and reduce the damage caused by the opponent. There are numerous types of armors that you will come across in the game. These are broadly classified into two – Chapter 1 Armor and Chapter 2 Armor. Further, the Chapter 1 Armor is bifurcated into the following:

  • Common Armors like Mountaineer’s Doublet and Training Uniforms.
  • Rare Armors like Bedrock Armor and Reinforced Coat.
  • Epic Armors like Laminar Cuirass and Swamper’s Camouflage.
  • Legendary Armors like Warlord’s Plates and Lion’s Pride.

The Chapter 2 Armor is bifurcated into the following:

  • Common Armors like Peasant Breastplate and Embroidered Suit.
  • Rare Armors like Gilded Vest and Padded Vest.
  • Epic Armors like Dragon Jacket and Perfect’s Robe.
  • Legendary Armors like Guard’s Armor and Demon Ward.

Among these armors, the Chapter 1 armor is heavy in weight and performs slowly in comparison to Chapter 2 armors. On the other hand, Chapter 2 armor is light in weight and performs quickly. You can even jump over your enemies’ head or on a wall by using these armors.

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